Streaming Video Software – Utilize Video To Teach, And Perchance To Sell

Streaming video software makes it simple to add videos to your home page. If you want to teach something, utilizing video makes it easier to understand, and as an added bonus, your chances of selling something has just risen.

Are You Already A Teacher?

Have you ever been teaching something to somebody?

Maybe, you answer ‘no’, but I bet that you have.

Think about the following situations: Have you ever taught a little lad to tie his shoes? Or told a stranger, which way he had to drive to get to the theatre?

Or how about when the woman sitting next to you at the dinner party asked you, how you’d cooked that meal?

When you were explaining those things, you were actually teaching, and teaching on a video is not much different from those everyday situations.

If you don’t have an audience, when you create your video, you just have to imagine that you’re teaching somebody you know and trust.

Did You Get Paid To Teach?

And if you’ve been a ‘real’ teacher, hey, what about that?

Can you remember those days, where you got up, and were still too tired, and wished you could have been able to sleep a couple of hours more? And when you finally turned up at school, your pupils didn’t feel like being told anything at all.

Gone are the days, where the teacher and the student had to share the same room. Now you can just record your video, when you feel like it, and put it online. The student can watch, whenever it’s convenient to him.

How To Record Your Teachings

You can either get a video camera and record yourself teaching, or — in case you’re teaching something on a computer — you can get an application to record the screen for you.

The best screen record software is called Camtasia (for Mac or Windows), but you can even get free software to use, if you choose a product like Jing.

Added Bonus: Teach, Don’t Sell

If you’re selling something from your home site, you cannot find a more effective way of doing so than by teaching.

Are you selling a software license? Teach people how to use it, and leave a link for them to purchase from.

It doesn’t have to be your own software. You can find plenty of software to resell through an affiliate programme. Just teach people how to get the most out of it, and leave your affiliate link for them to get the product.