Software Utilities Downloads That New Computers Should Have – My Top FREE 40 Picks

After purchasing a new computer, it is vital to ensure that one has all of the latest software to help keep your new computer running efficiently. Fortunately many of these offerings are available, online, as FREE software downloads. Most are even considered comparable to expensive, store-bought software.

As a webmaster, I understand that the overwhelming array of software, from which to choose, can be daunting. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, consider downloading FREE software, in order to meet many of your computer needs. After downloading the software, simply follow the directions to install it onto your system. Please note that although all the software is free, some might come with limited advertising. If you do not want the advertising, check the site’s disclaimers, before downloading.

The FREE Utilities Software Downloads include Virtual Light & sound Mahcine for DEEP RELAXATION, Microsoft Spyware Defender, AdAware Anti-Spyware, Microsoft Windows Update, MRU Blaster, Startup Applet, Cleanup Windows Washer, AVG Anti-virus Software, Sygate Personal Firewall, FreeRAM XP Pro, Picasa, IEspell, AutoSizer 1.54, Parental Control Bar, Mil Free Internet Eraser, MSN Desktop Search Toolbar, Google Toolbar with popup blocker, WinSock XP Fix, Microsoft RegClean, DzSoft Favorites Search, Opera, Open Office, FreeZip, WinRar, Divx Player, Screen Print, pdf Converter, Desktop Publishing, MP3 to WAV Decoder 2.5, WMA to MP3 Converter 2.8.5, WAV to MP3 Encoder 2.5, Real Player, QuickTime, Windows Media, Shockwave, Flash, Java, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Word Viewer.

Your computer is going to love you for installing this software. Click below to download your FREE programs! Jerry Solfanelli