Registry Cleaners Facts – What Are These Software Utility Tools For?

What are registry cleaners? Simply put, they are software utility tools that are used to improve the performance of a computer. But how do these software programs do that? What are their features? How do they work? In this report, the functions and way of operation of a registry cleaner will be discussed.

What are registry cleaners for?
These software tools are particularly designed to remove redundant or unwanted files from the Windows registry. This means that it can be used on computers running on Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 2003, Vista and XP to name a few.

They work by cleaning out error files from the Windows registry to make a computer run faster and prevent system freezing and crashing. The Windows registry is a database where files are stored. The longer a computer is being used, the more files are stored in this database including those that have been uninstalled and those that are not in use anymore. These unwanted files occupy space in the database, potentially causing operations slowdown and system crashes.

How do these tools work?
Cleaners for the Windows registry identify error files and either repair them or clean them up. They have been designed to pinpoint those files that are occupying space in the database but are of no use to the computer anymore. Ideally, cleaners should be able to repair ActiveX errors, weed out Hijacker’s BHO or Browser Helper Object and repair IE damages and unlock restrictions. These actions should result in faster computer and Internet operations.

Disadvantages of registry tools
The use of registry cleaner tools has been under debate since their introduction in the market. Some computer experts have asserted that these tools are not needed and that they cause more harm than good. They have been associated with malware and scareware which made some computer scientists wary of their usefulness.

Although cleaners can make database cleanup an easier job for a computer owner or user, it has been argued that their benefits are marginal at best. In addition, some cleaner brands are believed to be indiscriminate in removing files, leading to some files that are still needed by the system being removed which could result in computer damage.

Condition of the market
The introduction of these utility tools saw the emergence of numerous brands being launched commercially. The sheer number of choices has caused more than one consumer to get confused on what product to choose. Basically, these products serve the same purpose and contain the same features, with one or two differences in terms of capabilities and extra offerings.

The use of registry cleaners is still open to debate. However, if a consumer feels that his computer needs one, then he will not be short of choices and getting hold of one of these tools will not be a problem.