Project Management Software – Utilizing Project Management Software to Increase Productivity

It is pretty easy to see how project management software can be helpful during the course of completing a project. Online management programs assist in communication with the entire project team while making it easier to assign tasks, meet deadlines, track bugs, and more. As a project manager, you can use your online project software to review your project status, make announcements, and collaborate with the project team by using whiteboards and discussions. With all the features offered in today’s web-based project management programs, there are a variety of ways to de-brief a project with your team.

Using the Gantt chart app can give you an overall view of the tasks involved in the project. It is a good idea to save or print the original Gantt chart you created at the beginning of the project. Throughout the project, adjust the bars for each task as they are finished either ahead or behind schedule. By comparing the actual task completion times with the original chart, you start to assess whether your original estimates were off or not, if you have team members who are consistently missing deadlines, then there are areas that are not as efficient as they should be. This information can be used in personal performance reviews, team meetings, and future project planning. Over the course of several projects, you may see that some people are more efficient in certain tasks than others, allowing you to schedule team members with certain tasks for ultimate productivity.

By using bug and ticket tracking that is integrated with project management software, you can find out what areas mistakes are being made in most often. You can also see what team members are talented at finding errors. Incentive programs for finding and resolving errors or avoiding mistakes can be established for a fun and motivating way to improve project quality.

As a project manager, you can use past e-mails and communications to assess professionalism and communication styles. You can check calendars and task lists in your project management software to assess your own ability break down the project into manageable tasks. Discussions on one project may offer creative solutions for another, so archiving certain discussions and revisiting them when the project is over can be helpful for the future of your business. Tracking apps for budget and time issues help you view how well your team works in these areas. Business runs at incredible speeds these days, and everyone is busy. However, taking a little time at the completion of a project to assess and review can help you to improve productivity and profit margins in the future.