Computer Data and Disk Managing Utilities

The software utilities are developed in such a way that to help the computer- operating system, hard ware or other software applications to function proficiently or to carry out a particular task like data recovery. The software applications in the computer are different from the utility software, which helps to evaluate, optimize, organize and handle the computer in a preferred manner. The computer software applications help the user to edit or store data, watching movie, listening music and play games and are programmed in the user point of view. The utility software is targeting a particular group of users like data recovery utility is targeting the people who wanted to recover lost data.

The most frequent utilities used for organizing computer and data include

• Disk cleaners- By removing the unwanted files from the system it creates extra storage space.

• Disk compress- This utility software allows the user to enlarge the disk space by compressing the data, and also it can be used for uncompressing the data.

• Disk partitions- By enabling the user to create partitions or to resize partitions or to shrink partitions this utility software helps to organize data storage.

• Disk space analyzer- It allows users to store data in a best possible manner by providing the graphical illustration of the used space, files or folders that utilize more disk space.

• File managers- This utility can deal with a host of functions, including renaming, copying, moving, modifying data sets, cataloguing, deleting and generating data sets.

• Registry cleaners- To optimize the computer the software utility removes the old registries that are not in use.

• Network Utilities- This utility helps to make up the networks, checking connectivity, log events and data transfers.