Uniblue Systems – Software Utilities to Speed Up Your PC

Running software utilities on your computer regularly is the only protection you can have against the dreaded BSOD, more commonly known as the Blue Screen of Death. However, using the wrong kind of software utilities can mess up your computer just as badly as any adware or malware that you can get without setting up ample protection for your machine.

Uniblue Systems is one of the many companies today that is highly respected for producing quality PC utilities today. Founded by its CEO Bosse Malenberg in 2003, Uniblue Systems has one many awards and recognitions for its software utilities.

The core products of Uniblue Systems are described below.

1. RegistryBooster. RegistryBooster is one of Uniblue Systems’ bestselling software utilities. What it does is to conduct a deep scan of your computer, identifying and cleaning out obsolete or harmful registry keys that can bog down your machine’s performance. It also repairs and optimizes your registry so that it would not have any gaps and thereby speeding up your computer.

2. SpeedUpMyPC. Sometimes, we set our computers up in such a way that it gets slowed down as it runs. The computer can be hampered by Internet or computer settings that are not optimized, by files cluttering the computer’s RAM or hard disk, by problems with the CPU, and unnecessary startup applications. To address these concerns, Uniblue Systems came up with SpeedUpMyPC, which is supposed to monitor the applications that your computer runs.

3. DriverScanner. DriverScanner is another one of Uniblue Systems’ software utilities that helps you keep track of how updated the drivers in your computer are. Drivers are software that the hardware components in your computer need in order to keep running smoothly. Without drivers, your computer cannot function. Also, if your drivers are not updated, chances are your computer will not run smoothly at all. DriverScanner takes a look at your system makes it easy for you to keep your computer’s drivers updated by constantly checking it with the Systems’ library.

4. DiscRescue. It is very important that the files on our computer’s hard drive are defragmented on a regular basis. Having a fragmented hard drive can greatly minimize the speed and smoothness by which your machine performs. DiscRescue is Uniblue Systems’ answer to this dilemma. It defragments your hard drive whenever you think it is needed to keep your hard disk operating optimally.

5. The PowerSuite. The PowerSuite is simply a compendium that puts DriverScanner, RegistryBooster and SpeedUpMyPC together to give you the best software utilities that you need to keep your computer protected at a highly discounted price.

The Disadvantage with Uniblue Systems’ Products

There is no doubt that Uniblue Systems’ product line is very good in optimizing the computer’s performance and protecting it from harm. But of course, many consumers adhere to the maxim “Seeing is believing.” These consumers often would not take the word of a company or a software utilities reviewer by itself. They usually need to try and see for themselves just how good a product really is.

Unfortunately, this is where Systems fails. It does not offer trials of its software utilities. While these PC utilities are indeed worth buying, not everyone will shell out money just to try out software. Otherwise, they are truly worth the money.

Streaming Video Software – Utilize Video To Sell Something Today

Streaming video software is perfect to add a video to your site or blog with a few minutes work. And this could very well be your master tool to sell just about anything.

People want to see, before they purchase something. You don’t need to go longer than to any restaurant to get proof of that. Place yourself near a couple who are checking the menu, and listen in on their conversation. If you hear the wife say that she’ll get the duck à l’orange, you’ll most likely hear her husband ask her: Where do you see that? And when he’s seen for himself, he will make his decision.

It doesn’t matter much, what you’re selling. It can even be virtual things like an ebook, and you can still make a video.

I’ve heard about Internet marketers who had had great success with recording themselves buying an ebook, and then showing in the video, what people get, when they do the same thing.

Since I often print out the e-books, I purchase, I’ve recorded myself going through such a printed out version of a book, showing the audience, how I printed two pages on the same side, and how I could easily make notes, etc. on the print out.

I put this video online on my blog, and I sold a lot of copies of that book.

If you sell a physical product, this is even more obvious. You can show your audience the size of your product, the colour, the quality, and how to use it.

This brings me to the perhaps most important part of this article: A great tip about how you can augment your sales even more.

Instead of just showing your product, you can teach people how to use it.

The more you teach, the more tutorials you put online, the more copies you’ll sell.

And people love to watch video tutorials. When they see how much a specific product can do for them, they’ll be eager to purchase it. You don’t have to do any real selling. Just teach people instead, and they’ll beg you to give them a link, they can use, to buy it from.

If your streaming video software allows you to do so, you can make the whole sales process easier, if you can redirect the customer directly from the tutorial video to the sales page. Then they don’t even need to click a new link to go there, or to write down some Internet address or anything. The product is brought to them almost in their hands. They only need to take out their credit cards to get it.

Resolve Your Printing Problems With Printer Setup Utility

Wherever there is a hardware tool there can be a problem. Wherever there is a problem, there are new updated software to deal with it. If printing problems are plaguing you, what you need is a utility that can improve your printer performance or save your valuable time by organising the printing tasks. For your information, print utility setup is a shareware. A shareware is a software that is easily available on the net and something you can download whenever you want to enhance user-experience, in this case, printing. Print setup utility can make your task easier and printing experience a joy. This is done by the various functionality features afforded by it.

Printers are items of daily use, an essential part of office supplies. However, printers are also the source of the printing problems and the headaches you have to bear by way of the long duration of time it takes to do simple printing tasks. Such simple tasks can be as simple as laying out different document formats and styles. Yet so often it happens that many of us are not able to work at it out in as smooth and suave manner as we would like to, especially when the printing requirements are high. Not that it is our fault. The folly lies in the ignorance that there are so many high-end software utilities available as sharewares on the internet that can enhance printer performance, and in the process, saving countless hours of useless toil.

Manual setups of different desired document profiles each time printing in a particular format is done can be tedious. It requires a lot of adjustments time and again, when all you have to do is to set upto six printer profiles together and print them one by one on the sly, seamlessly.

This utility gives you an easy and economical access to a valuable resource. So if you think it’s high time to get rid of your printing problems, you have got to go for the right software such as printer setup utility.